Behavioral Nursing

First Nation's behavioral nursing approachs mental health diagnoses in a community-based setting for Native American's on and off the reservation.

First Nations Home Health provides Behavioral Health home care services to homebound Native Americans. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team who provides comprehensive short-term intermittent home health services. The team is made up of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists and Home Health Aides who can meet the holistic needs of the client. Diagnoses commonly seen in the Behavioral Nursing Program are depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders.

Services Provided

The following services are provided by a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of psychiatric nurses, socials workers, therapists (Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists) and Home Health Aides who understand the Native American culture;

  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning
  • Medication management and education
  • Individual and family supportive psychotherapy
  • Blood level monitoring of psychotropic medications
  • Linkage to Community services, both on and off the reservation
  • Behavior Management
  • Education of Disease Process
  • Care management and Community Linkages
  • Family Education

Program Goals

  • Transition patients from acute levels of care to home and community
  • Increase medication and treatment compliance
  • Decrease Hospitalizations and Emergency Services Utilization
  • Improve functional ability
  • Improve client's knowledge base about medications, staying well, their illness, relapse prevention, and community/tribal resources
  • Prevent inexpensive inpatient hospitalization
  • Decrease symptoms
  • Increase patient's quality of life and overall health management